Friday, November 19, 2010

Mobile Unit Deployment: Full Band Recording

1. Crapload of mic stands
2. Portable monitors
3. Mics and wires
4. More mics and wires
5. Interface / Preamps
6. Jakerock Mainframe
7. Computer stuff.


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  2. Jason --

    I was inspired after reading the Fiery Furnaces articles that featured you and your recording methods. I picked up a FirePod as well. Woo-hoo.

    One thing I haven't seen you mention anywhere is acoustic treatment. You appear to record in a lot of non-acoustically treated rooms, yet you get good results.

    Do you have any insights or tips that you could share from your experiences?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Sorry for the lag... The comments here arent obvious!

    The thing that could suffer the most from a bad room are the drums... I try and get the overhead mics as close to the drums as possible without getting in the way of the drummer.

    Then... I have the drummer play, and simply walk around the room , try to find a spot that sounds good and put a (usually omni pattern) mic up and record a little piece / review...

    If I think I can do better, I will take note of the previous position, and repeat the process, leaving the previous test recordings in tact so that they can be compared.

    In my experience, using your ears / intuition and doing quick experiments is the only way.

    The other thing that can suffer are vocals...
    You can make homemade baffles to get a "dry" sound from the VX by making a "T" with a boom stand and draping a blanket across it...
    This also works for taming drum sounds!