Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Once upon a time, I was riding my bike willy-nilly around manhattan and went down to check out the WTC lights... As I got closer you could see 'them' more and more, little shiny white glittering things floating around in, and all the way to the top of ENORMOUSLY tall beams of light.
There were people staring up at this all over the place and none of us were sure what we were looking at. Seemed like some real magic at the time... They were explained as birds. I was right there under the lights with dozens of other people and none of us felt sure what was flying around up there. People shut their traps and just stared up in awe for awhile at the glittering psychedelic beam. Amazing.


  1. do you still have that graveyard ghost picture? I am looking around for the 4-tracks with the freaked out voices on it.

  2. He he... the ghost!
    I forgot about that... Still have the photo around someplace probably... Cant find it so far though!