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Loewenstein Syndrome: Google Translation

Mickaël Mottet has written an article about "Loewenstein Syndrome"
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Jason Lowenstein syndrome, 1 / 2: "Gulf Shores", Palace
Jason Lowenstein syndrome (1 / 2)

Jason Lowenstein you know? Here, the problem is there.

(I guess that a number of readers of this blog have said yes, but it's a rhetorical question, it will be like if no one remembered him)

Sebadoh is the group which is said to have invented the lo-fi in the 1990s. The lo-fi, it's done its best with limited means. And remove the disc.

As Lou Barlow wrote most songs of Sebadoh, we have attached to this invention. At right, of course. But Jason Lowenstein, another member of the trio, has also been writing songs, some of which were among the finest of the group.  
We find the name of Jason Lowenstein notes in pockets of a bunch of important records for the American scene in the 1990s. If we were having to retrace the history of its holdings, there would be a sort of best of lo-fi, grand slam ultimate losers.

In each disc, you can be sure of hitting at least one idea that kills. Generally, it is Jason who had it.
An example in this beautiful song, my favorite Palace from afar: Gulf Shores. The final chorus, one that you split the pupils, which completes the piece and makes it a cult object, is sung by you-know-who (now).


Mickaël Mottet

French to English translation

Jason Lowenstein's syndrome, 2 / 2
(Continued from Part 1)
It's so true.
So, I can not totally hate Palace in particular and Will Oldham in general, even if it's still very tempting to throw this idea in a discussion, boom, like a prince. I can not overcome me because Steve Albini on Viva Last Blues and because Jason Loewenstein on Gulf Shores. But that's all, by cons.
It's funny because the two satellites that I have quoted often try to save the planet and you would think they have promised to do a true gentleman: look no more than that the widow or orphan without colonize the territory and with the utmost respect for the anonymity of departure. As if they were looking rather happy accident and the collision with their principles, without forcing.
If the name Steve Albini is featured on the stickers at the FNAC, that in spite of himself. The name of Jason Loewenstein him, soon find themselves in jokes about bass players: each his posterity.
The choirs of Gulf Shores pound the nail: they embody on the tape (so I hope that's a band) something that floated in the air and hoped to hear that somewhere before the end of the song.
Jason Loewenstein's syndrome, it is perhaps this: press; ensure exhausting a subject or an idea. Maybe you'll cry (or your readers are going to ask you my physical address), but one would think that the songs on Loewenstein Bakesale Sebadoh (album very formative for me) In Utero exhaust. And that's exactly what was needed at that time. What is funny is Albin also tried to exhaust the same disc with its weapons of sound engineer. Unfortunately, people Geffen managed to stop in time.
Jason Loewenstein has produced one of the latest (last?) Fiery Furnaces. I wish I love this band, swing it in a chat, and go like a prince. For now, I just look like an idiot.
But I remain hopeful: thanks to him, they come closer.
Fiery Furnaces has always been a band to / niches. But still more at a time, always very responsible, sometimes within the same song. With Loewenstein, he settled for longer, they pound the nail. Now they make the soul / country white, sometimes a little naughty, very sincerely, with the best tools of style. Because Jason Loewenstein, in all humility.
So I'm working on: As the chorus of Gulf Shores, I am glad to know they exist somewhere.
Loewenstein does not change a group, it installs and the weapon, then pressed. The advantage, as in Gulf Shores, is that it flirts with the ultimate, it would have nothing to do next.
Steve Albini and Jason Loewenstein are still trying to save the planet, as best they can. Will Oldham and the Fiery Furnaces are on track to really care.
His music he is completely ankylosed in this principle: a concept, a song, an aesthetic, a sound. In part, he has found. To others, he wants to help: he sells plug-ins on its website.

Flavien Girard


  1. I don't understand one word of this, except that you are awesome, which is true in any language.

  2. This is my personal favorite Jason Loewenstein find on the internet. From LIFE magazine now less.

  3. Love how Google translation totally eats it. Think the gentleman's point is well taken tho.

  4. We should definitely translate it properly. As soon as we have time, we will...

    Anyway, thanks for posting this.
    Mickaël/Flavien (Le morceau caché)

  5. There's nothing lost in the translation. This is actually how French people talk about music.

  6. Totally agree with the French dude. Your songs have always been my favorite. No disrespect to Lou or Eric.