Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ebay score! New Wave Theatre

If I had never seen this show, my life would definitely not be the same... I used to REALLY look forward to Friday nights... Strangely, I just met Keith Morris (Circle Jerks / OFF!) a few days ago, who I first saw on this show. Life is weird and amazing.

New Wave Theatre was part of the incredible USA network show "Night Flight" (early 1980's) which is also where I first saw DEVO's "The men who make the music."  Early cable TV had its moments! Wow.


  1. wow, Night Flight, was that ever on non-cable like UHF channels? Or did I only see it at my friend's who had cable's house? Rad. saw Devo last night, amazing.

    BTW I had a dream the other night I was teaching someone the chords to "Happily Divided" how does it feel to write one of the greatest songs ever? Just curious (and drunk!)

  2. I dont know... I think it was a USA (cable) network only thing...

    I am glad you are drunk enough to be so kind about that song, thank you.

    Jealous that you saw devo... Another big reason that I never went to college! LOL.

    Best, Jake

  3. I dont think it was a cable network. It was something from satelite. But i am not realy sure.

  4. Definitely was on cable, there was no such thing as satellite yet... or internet / cellphones... LOL

  5. I just launched my website
    A Return to New Wave Theater
    You can now view the lost episodes.