Thursday, March 24, 2011


From my internet doctoring / research on my symptoms, I fear that I have the fabled carpal tunnel. It just came on last week when I was running the computer during a recording session... came on fast. Hurts like hell to bend my wrist, can't grip well. Fuck. Its only in my "picking hand" (guitar) for now... (knock on wood)


  1. Ok, so Vild learned this in a fish canery in Alaska - where i presume they know about such matters - do your ABC's. With both hands, write the abc's in cursive in the air. Do it often. Several times a day. Im so sorry. I'm fighting daily against some of that myself. Ow

  2. I just saw you play at Daniel St on Wednesday night, and it looked like your wrists hurt. I hope you can get through this tour! You can still sing, so maybe you could make a Jason robot to play the instruments. ;)