Monday, April 18, 2011

Video: Hacidic Doomsday

One of many bonfires set on the sidewalks of Williamsburg. The smell of burning plastic and garbage filled the air all day...
The NYPD and Fire Dept have no problem with this dangerous and environmentally reprehensible ritual. My mind is blown.


  1. Its a passover thing...
    My friend Jeff explains:
    "You're supposed to burn the last remaining bread crumbs from your home as Passover starts. Not the bread bag, though. These guys are doing it wrong (as is usually the case with religious nutbags)."

  2. If they accidentally set Peter Lugar's on fire, I'm coming up there to "fix" things....

  3. Wouldn't burning your last breadcrumbs just make croutons? I'm for that ritual.

  4. isn't dressing the same and only supporting your own kind exactly like the nazi movement?