Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Thank you Christopher Wilson!!

Oh man. I am SO grateful. Christopher Wilson sent me a BEAUTIFUL framed print of the photo that I posted the other day. I am all smiles. What a  a wonderful kind gesture on Christophers part.
I would like to remind everyone to have a look at his work, which I really think is something special. And now I can assure you of the top quality of the prints and framing as well.

May I again express my profound gratitude for this wonderful gift. Thank you Christopher. AND 


  1. Heh... there was something for Emmett pig too!
    He has been having a great time popping and tearing the bubble wrap and cardboard. Good times!!!!!

  2. When I first saw the pic I was gobsmacked by how brilliant it is. It totally captures all yer personalities as's probably my favourite pic I've ever seen of you three...amazing. What a great gift! I'd love to buy a print, it's so awesome.

  3. Agreed Mikala. I am an extremely lucky man.
    The prints and framing job are just beautiful.