Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bryan Zimmerman: Gowanus Open Studios

Went to my immensely talented pal Bryan Zimmerman's open studio yesterday for a very unique way of presenting your work! I know him from working on some fantastic records by bands he is involved in, namely "The Dust Dive", "Corpses of Discovery", and "Dichroics"

Bryan is a singular artist and individual. Instead of just the typical experience of anonymously walking thru room after room of terrible, pretentious crap while the "artist" skulks in the corner of the studio playing with his iPhone,  Bryans stuff is everywhere around the studio, reminiscent of photos I have seen of Frances Bacon's studio.  Bryan is in the moment, rummaging thru his piles of semi-composed, and collected objects that he just hands to you, spontaneously discussing his plans for the work. It was a fantastically interesting and incredibly unpretentious presentation of his work in progress, and  inspiration. Getting to see his immense collection of  interesting objects and incredible photography and collage was a real treat, giving insight into his unique process, and sharing of himself in a warm, human way. 
It is still going on for a couple of hours today, October 16th until 6PM if you want to see for yourself!
He is in space #41...

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