Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hammock UQ / Cold butt!

(Its the black thing)

Hammocks are awesome for the most part. One of several drawbacks, other than the fact that the rules for hanging them in campgrounds, and the public perception of how harmful they might be to trees might often prevent you from hanging one.... is the fact that your ass is swinging in the breeze, literally. Hammock material is thin, and your ass gets cold on even summer nights... The two solutions to this seem to be either to put a foam pad underneath you, or to get an underquilt.

Underquilts are expensive, and pads slide around at night.... I bought a used underquilt which is coming today, and even used was embarrassingly expensive.

Going to Louisville this week, so hoping to try it out in my mother in law's backyard... see if it works in 30-50 degree weather. I certainly hope so...

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