Saturday, November 26, 2011

Vanagon: mission accomplished.

After 4 years of being asked my mother in law to do so, my vanagon is out of her driveway and resting peacefully at a storage lot.


  1. that thing a diesel? if so, don't they get like 35mpg on the highway?

  2. No... Not a diesel. Its the stock 1.9 Liter Waterboxer engine. This vehicle is so underpowered as it is, I cannot imagine running a diesel engine in it! My dream engine swap (possible with transmission adapter) would be a Subaru WRX engine... 236 HP as opposed to the stock which is 80 HP. Fun.

  3. All that Sebadoh money should pay for that shouldn't it? That'd be a ripper set up.

  4. ah man, i wanna see you in this thing. it could be whole other component of the jakerock mobile unit. And that would be SICK with a WRX engine! ANd I kinda love how loud, rough, rugged subarus feel, like lil trucks. seems fitting for a VW. i guess they have a similar rough sensibility.