Thursday, December 15, 2011

Family Resemblance?

This is my biological father Ray. We met for the first time on Monday. Very happy about this!


  1. right on. right on. i can see the resemblance in your smiles for sure :) :)
    and your eyes.
    (i know it's true, god told me to tell it to you)

  2. Thanks for sharing.May sway me to find my birth parents.I'm glad it was a good experience.

  3. That's great Jake ! What a nice early xmas present! Have a great holiday man. Holler at me if you are down Ky way. I have a bar in the basement of the newest house and some homebrewed beer calling your name. Baxter

  4. Good on you, Jake! Those can be some BIG demons to face. I met my Bio-Dad about 10 years ago, and I consider myself to be among the fortunate ones. Looking back, it was the best thing I could have done. It was like a giant, 30-year old hole began healing. I hope you and your bio-dad have a long road ahead. Speaking from experience, the whole nature vs. nurture thing is a total gas - enjoy the ride. Merry Christmas! -Steven