Thursday, November 25, 2010

Billy Joel Goes Crazy in concert!

I laughed until my stomach hurt and tears were rolling down my cheeks. This is priceless. Seriously might be the funniest thing I have ever seen.
Courtesy of: "JoelFan"


  1. awesome! let's hear it for another insane long islander!!
    what does he say at the top of it..."stop flagging the audience"?

  2. Heh... "Stop lighting the audience!"
    I saw a couple of follow ups talking about how at this show people were really NOT getting into it... Part of the problem being that the audience was squinting and squirming in the bright lights turned on them... Maybe to control the crowd. WHo knows? I sure am glad that things went down the way they did!
    What a performer! Making sure to destroy the stage in between lines!

  3. yeah, i thought that was great too- he didn't miss a beat and was totally in tune throughout the whole tantrum.
    you ever hear sparkles pronounce billy joel?

  4. Note the inimitable DAVE BROWN of Gloucester, MA., keeping his cool in the blue jacket. DB told me Joel axed him after years of touring together quite possibly because he wore a Red Sox hat onstage at a Yankee Stadium gig.

  5. well he's lucky billy joel only kicked him out of the band and didnt kick his teeth out his mouth, who wears a red sox hat to yankee stadium? a troublemaker!

  6. Or somebody who has sense....