Thursday, November 25, 2010

I hope that I live to see tomorrow.

I hope that a bus doesnt run me over before tomorrow when I will be mixing this band live for two hours. Let it serve as proof that there is karma and I have been VERY bad.


  1. one good thing about the bar constantly being lowered is that it makes you eventually appreciate bands like blues traveller!! i always thought they sucked big time but now, i don't know? just when you think it can't get worse, it does!

  2. No man... Blooze Traveler was like Billy Joels anger compared to these guys!

    Hehe, theres a review of the last time I had to mix them:
    ""It was 2am when the audience started chanting “play all night!” a prospect that both band and crowd seemed ready to embrace. Unfortunately, THE MERCURY LOUNGE WASNT HAVING ANY OF IT. A...t 2:15am, as Turbine prepped for their last song, the VENUE LIGHTS AND HOUSE MUSIC CAME ON in response to band’s small plea of “One more?” With a defeated “That’s it, we’re out of time,” everyone was forced to say goodnight, knowing that they had just witnessed something truly exceptional if a two-hour and fifteen-minute set wasn’t nearly long enough."

    ...These people are insane, and I dont even think they are high!