Thursday, October 11, 2012

Jakerock Mobile Unit > Balk: Wrap Up Photos

The Jakerock Mobile Unit was dispached to Brian Marsella's (The Flail) house in West Orange New Jersey this week to record basic tracks for new Balk recordings... Reid Taylor on guitar, bass, vocals and songs, Aaron Dugan on guitar and production, Brian Marsella on piano, Jaker on engineering and drums. Great results and good times! The recorded basic tracks will now be exported from Reaper and imported into Aaron's Protools rig for more overdubs and mixing.

Many thanks to Reiad and Aaron for having me aboard for this, to Brian and his honey for their hospitality, and to the recording gods for their protection from evil and sadness. LOL.


  1. Wow! That is a cool drum kit (what is it?) and a kick ass ride cymbal! 68"?

  2. Our host, Brian called it "Japanese Rogers".
    It was a surprisingly nice sounding kit, and that cymbal was an enormous old medium/thin Zildjian.

  3. Oh man what a righteous pit! Jake, if you came to Toronto to record my shit in a similar environment you could crash here and we could drink beers and watch hockey during down times.