Friday, October 12, 2012

Slingshot Case Dismissed!

My penchant / obsession with slingshottery combined with living in an apartment New York City has gotten me in trouble a few times... First time was my first day out shooting. I went down by the east river, where I thought it would be safe. Turns out I was trespassing (along with many others)  and was given a summons for that crime.
Before I went to court for that, I was nearly run down by an undercover cop car full of amped up, angry, screaming policemen for shooting a garbanzo bean at a street sign. After they yelled at me like car full of football coaches, they gave me a summons for "Disorderly conduct, section 7". I was stopped and illegally searched one other time, but given no summons.

Both of these cases were dismissed upon checking in at the courthouse, or stepping up to the podium in the courtroom. Both times, I was a little more shy / careful about shooting my low powered slingshots outside.

Weeks later, I went out to go to the store at about 1am and took a shortcut thru an empty basketball court that was full of litter... cans and cups and so on, it was a slice of slingshot heaven as far as things to shoot at. I was walking and shooting and then I heard the cop yelling.... Then one uniformed officer on foot, and three in an unmarked car (yes, I know what they look like now) converged on me and I was issued another summons for disorderly conduct. The uniformed cop said that if he saw me doing it again he would "take me in."

I was shooting "Bareback" which means it is just a loop of elastic with a leather pouch which you loop over the top of your hand (No slingshot frame) and when I produced the slingshot the cop said "where's the rest of it?"

Here slingshot guru "PFshooter" demonstrating the technique

Well... Today I got the letter shown above, and it looks like I have dodged another bullet.
I am very thankful, and a whole lot more cautious when I do this sort of thing. I am a fucking idiot to have this kind of hobby while living in New York City.


  1. when i was a kid in nj we used to hang out by this huge tower, there was a perfect hole cut in the fence. great place to shoot a slingshot/bb guns at the bottles left by our older brethren. one time there was a helicopter circling around which we waved to like assholes. a minuted later we were surrounded by guys is suits, serious men in black types. they took my mail order sligshot and said i could have it if my parents picked it up at the station. major bummer. and they thought we were skipping school cuz it was a catholic holiday. even the nun principal caught wind of our hijinks. --- tell Emil Larry says hi.

  2. ha. you got me beat with the whole helicopter scene!
    i will tell emil you said hello.... take care.

  3. Hey, I'm with you 100%...what sort of police are these guys? heartless thugs? looking at this I think you need to move to the country immediately where you can shoot till your heart is content. Also: love your slings so much- sign me up :) Bx